Youtube Marketing Techniques – Video Advertising

Youtube Marketing Techniques – Video Advertising                                  


The amount of available sites to implement on line marketing strategies for a business is staggering.  Facebook, Stumblupon, Linkedin, Yelp and Youtube just to name a few social media sites that are a must for small business owners and marketing or advertising.  Youtube is the world’s most popular video site and a premier venue for marketing.  Youtube marketing techniques are many and quite effective.


One thing to keep in mind when deciding to use Youtube marketing techniques to increase your customer base is that there are 35 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute.  That brings up the question, how do you get the video for your company even noticed? That’s what we’re going to talk about; using Youtube marketing techniques and how to make them work for you.


First and foremost, make videos that matter.  Often companies will bore their viewers with company history or speeches by the CEO that only turn potential customers away.  While the likelihood of a video going viral and having millions of viewers is slim, you can keep your audience captivated with an exciting or important topic.  Youtube marketing techniques for more impactful videos suggests that a business might use “how-to” videos or interesting interviews with company personnel or even happy customers. For example, a slide show showing the progress of the installation of an in ground swimming pool with lively and clever narration from an animated groundhog,  will get more views than Joe, the backhoe operator talking about how to dig a hole.


It’s important to have the URL directed to your website with any videos you upload to optimize your Youtube marketing techniques on line.  To help maximize your Youtube marketing techniques, create a custom background for the videos you upload.  A generic background often indicates you aren’t very established, even a “fly-by-night” company whereas a “lived in” and unique look to your Youtube page, creates an impression of longevity.  Create play lists and provide the capability to subscribe to your Youtube videos.  If one of your videos has become out of date, don’t delete it, simply embed a link to the new more applicable video.


It’s wise to connect to all of the social media sites that have your presence.  That allows all of your Facebook “friends” and “fans” immediate access to your latest Youtube videos and activity and makes each video easier to “share” with those not already your company “fan.”  You can create a bulletin announcing new videos that will appear on all of your friend pages and those who subscribe to your youtube page.


Also available through Youtube marketing techniques, you can purchase what is called a CTA advertisement that will pop up when certain keywords are searched.  CTA stands for “Call to Action” and is an ad that one can click on while watching a related Youtube video and it will take the user directly to your website.  This connects subject related videos, other than videos you have uploaded, directly to your company website, thus broadening your demographic and potential customer to include the potential customers of your competition.


Youtube marketing techniques are many and have proven to be a wise investment although, to maintain a successful on line presence can be time consuming. Look into a local marketing company to help you with your on line marketing.   The investment is nothing but beneficial.

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