Yelp Marketing Strategies – Yelp; it’s That Good

Yelp Marketing Strategies – Yelp; it’s That Good

This is the information age, folks.  If it’s out there, we’re going to know about it almost immediately.  There is just so much to wade through to find the right place for an oil change, the right place to have the family photo taken, the right restaurants while you’re on vacation. It’s a crap shoot.  Fortunately, there are social review sites, like Yelp to help us find out way.  As a business owner, any kind of business, Yelp gives you an opportunity to take advantage of some amazing, free Yelp marketing strategies and tools while keeping your brand in front of potential customers.


Yelp reviews all sorts of small, independent businesses, excluding the franchise beasts out there, you won’t find McDonald’s or Wal-Mart listed on Yelp.  The listings are by category including everything from restaurants to pet stores to religious organizations to “Active Life” which features things to do within the region where you live or are visiting.  Any business should make sure it’s listed so it can benefit from the Yelp marketing strategies.

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