Why You Should Add Your Business to Foursquare

Why You Should Add Your Business to Foursquare

Starting and running a business is tough, especially in this economy.  Business owners need to watch every penny and only invest in the best options to maximize growth in their company. To find successful marketing and advertising for FREE is the impossible dream come true.  Why you should add your business to Foursquare is because Foursquare is one of many free marketing and advertising sites that provide the free tools to get customers walking through your door.


Foursquare is a reputable and popular location based, social media marketing tool used by 20 million registered uses and seen by upwards of 100 million people daily.  It is aimed at the up and coming, movers and shakers of the day; designed for those people who don’t have the time to research businesses or restaurants or products. They just want to know what is the best and where do they get it.  Foursquare does that for them and provides the free app for the mobile device of their choice. Through Foursquare, customers can find what they want when they want it.  That is another reason why you should add your business to Foursquare…exposure.


Once you understand why you should add your business to Foursquare and decide to look into it, you’ll find that they also offer business tools to optimize your use of foursquare.  In other words, once you have claimed your business on Foursquare, you manage your listing yourself.  You can add coupons or reward your best customers; you can list special events to entice new customers to visit your location.  Foursquare also provides you with the analytical tools to learn more about your real world customers.


Foursquare is a simple and beneficial free marketing strategy, capitalizing on our fast paced lives.  It stems from the technologically driven era of information and that is another instance of why you should add your business to Foursquare.  As a business owner, you NEED to keep up with the Joneses.  The alternative is to be left in the proverbial dust.

Why you should add your business to Foursquare is obvious.  Foursquare offers free marketing and advertising for your business, giving opportunity for you and your business to be discovered by hundreds of thousands of potential customers.  Your existing customers can access your business on Foursquare and leave tips or recommendations regarding your company for others to review.  A potential customer may come your way because one of your customers commented on Foursquare that he appreciates your attention to detail.  The possibilities are endless.  Free, tools, marketing, exposure, more customers…what more do need to answer the question of why you should add your business to Foursquare?


In today’s highly competitive business world, the most savvy marketer usually wins.  And the world of advertising has changed dramatically, but the result is that’s it’s easier than ever to keep in touch with your existing, as well as your potential, customer base.  Keeping on the social pulse of your customer base is the most compelling reason why you should add your business to Foursquare.

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