Why Mobile Coupon Text Marketing Will Gain Popularity

Why Mobile Coupon Text Marketing Will Gain Popularity

When it comes to preferred methods of receiving coupons, mobile coupon text marketing has risen through the ranks in recent years. A top reason why most businesses have started to utilize mobile coupons is that they want to deliver their coupons to customers in a way they want and most customers for various reasons prefer to receive coupons on their phone.
Paper coupons are becoming outdated and ignored by customers and businesses have noticed. Even email is becoming less preferred by customers because texts are more easily accessible and can be received without an internet connection. Businesses want to choose a marketing strategy that reaches potential customers in a way that is popular with them and so they choose text marketing.
Coupons sent via mobile coupon text marketing are also much more convenient for the customer to use than more traditional methods resulting in a larger number of coupons being used. Coupons no longer have to be carried or remembered by the customer and can be accessed with ease on the spot. Having a coupon for a business right there with them makes a customer more likely to visit the business the coupon is from instead of a rival business.


Mobile coupons could even replace the store loyalty card. The little plastic cards themselves which businesses have to pay for usually get lost within a few months. Thankfully, a customer can just tell the cashier their phone number and get the same discount. If a business started using a text coupon loyalty club instead, they would no longer have to buy the cards no one uses anyway. Customers would be able to tell the cashier their number as usual and receive whatever discount they were eligible for.


With so many people concerned about the earth now, mobile coupon text marketing gains popularity for being one of the most eco-friendly platforms for advertising. The lack of paper waste makes coupon text marketing a “green” business practice. Businesses use text marketing instead of print ads as a way to promote the idea of their business being eco-friendly. Customers are drawn in by this idea and ultimately prefer the paperless format to any other format.

However, the most notable reason for the recent rise in mobile coupon text marketing is simply that most people have cell phones. People, especially young people, are almost constantly carrying around their cell phones with them wherever they go. Coupons are generally received better when they’re sent through texting and are easier for people to use which means that customers are more likely to sign up for coupons through this format.


In the coming years, mobile coupon text marketing will likely surpass other forms of coupon delivery and become the single most popular form. The convenience and accessibility of mobile coupon text marketing fits modern technology, ideals, and lifestyle better than other coupon distribution methods. It appeals to the consumer, is better for business, and is even good for Mother Nature. Things are looking great for coupon text marketing!

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