What is a Facebook Fan Page – Brilliant Marketing Tool

What is a Facebook Fan Page – Brilliant Marketing Tool

The social media world was knocked on its USB when a new social networking service called Facebook launched in 2004.  The brain child of a group of Harvard students, the most famous of which is Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook took off gaining popularity quickly and becoming the most used social networking service worldwide in 2009.    It has become how people stay in touch with family and friends.  It has become a way to keep your brand or company in front of consumers.  There are friend pages, groups, games, and apps to entertain.  But, what is a Facebook fan page?


As any business owner knows, if you want to be noticed, you have to be seen and seen often. When asked what is a Facebook fan page, the answer is simple.  It’s the page where people who love your company, product or services come to check up on things.  Those people are called “fans” and that’s why it’s called a fan page.  It’s where your fans go to see what’s happening with your business.


When a person becomes a fan of your business they more-or-less become a facebook “friend” to your company.  So when you ask what is a Facebook fan page, the answer is that it is the facebook page for your business to see all of its “friends” and for its “friends” to see the business.  Just like your personal page, your business has a page too.


What is a facebook fan page good for?  It is one of the most innovative and exciting marketing tools available today.  With over 900 million users, Facebook has over 500 million logins daily.  With that kind of “foot traffic,” it’s important that you utilize the fan page much like you would a booth at the home show.  Let me explain, when you are selling your home made salsa in the store, you develop marketing strategies to get people into your store.  On your company’s  facebook fan page, there are literally millions of potential shoppers waiting to see you.


ON your fan page, supply any and all information to get in touch with your company, service, retail or otherwise.  You might be using a fan page for promotion of a Rock Band or a book you’ve written, it makes no difference.  When you ask me what is a facebook fan page worth to an everyday Joe with a lawn service, I have to tell you it’s worth all the advertising money Joe could spend and provides more exposure for his company than everyday Joe and his lawn mower could afford to buy through other marketing strategies.


When a business owner asks, “What is a facebook fan page to a successful business like mine?”  I have to answer that it is an opportunity to take your successful company to a new level of exposure and customer awareness through the use of social media and networking services.  Any business expecting to stay in the loop of today’s mass information and technological advantages really must compete with the rest.  A Facebook fan page is a must for any business. Without one, you may miss out on an entire generation of customers.

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