Website Repair Case Study – NegotiatingWomen.com Gets Mobile

One of our long term clients (negotiatingwomen.com) realized that their existing website (while beautiful on a desktop computer) looked simply awful and was nearly impossible to navigate when viewed on a smart phone or tablet.

We discussed the different options with them… “Should they go with a mobile app”  or was  a mobile site a better fit for them. Due to their type of business and the main purpose of their website we decided that a mobile theme would be the better way to go.

The client sent us a mock of what their ideal mobile site would like and we took it from there…

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You’re only seeing the upper left corner on your smart phone. You spend half your time sliding the site around just to find the navigation

Their original site (a wordpress blog) had a pretty sophisticated theme but it was built several years ago —before the explosion of  smart phones.  As you can see by the screenshot to the left), you were only seeing a small portion of the site when it would load on a smart phone. To do anything on that site, you have to slide it around the screen. Clicking a link was nearly impossible as they were so close together that you couldn’t accurately tap the one you wanted.

When you finally did get to the next page, you (once again) had to slide the site around on your screen to find what you were looking for.

The client realized that this was unacceptable in today’s mobilized world. Visitor’s want a quick and easy experience when they hit a website. They want to see the most important information immediately and want to be able to navigate the site without the hassle of having to slide around the whole screen. Oh and yeah, they want a font that is large enough to read on a small screen.

The Mobile Theme is clean and all of the important links are presented immediately.

The Mobile Theme is clean with all of the important links presented immediately.

The Mobile Theme

The New mobile theme (pictured on the right) solved all of the problems listed above. The key navigation is presented immediately when a visitor hits the site. The buttons are easy to read and easy to tap.

We kept the original logo and incorporated the clients specific colors to create a theme that has a very similar look and feel to the original website —it’s just with a much  easier to read and navigate on a smart phone.

The Bottom Line…

Today, people are ditching their desktop computers for smart phones and tablets. Regardless of the business you’re in, you need to make sure that your website renders well on whatever device your potential customers are using. In general, people are impatient. If they’re surfing the web using their smartphone and hit a site that is not mobile ready, they’ll simply hit the back button.

Remember, Lost Visitors Equals Lost Revenue!

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