Urban Spoon Marketing – A Food Lovers Dream

Urban Spoon Marketing –  A Food Lovers Dream

It’s always so hard to decide on a restaurant.  I don’t know if it’s because we’ve been together for so long, or if my taste buds are just bored, but every Friday night it’s the same conversation.  “I don’t know,” followed by “I don’t care.”  I think most everyone can relate?  Well Urbansspoon can provide the answer to that eternal question, “what do you want for dinner?”  Urbanspoon is an online, free restaurant information and recommendation service and restaurant owners and managers everywhere are clamoring to take advantage of the Urbanspoon marketing available.


With hundreds of millions of visitors to Urbanspoon, serving the United States, Australia, Great Britain and more, if you own or run an eatery, it’s time to take advantage of Urbanspoon marketing, simply go to the Urbanspoon site and look for your restaurant.  With so many views and inquiries daily, there is a good chance that your restaurant is already listed.  If so, simply register as a user then to the restaurant profile and click the “is this your restaurant” box.  That will allow you to take advantage of the Urbanspoon marketing available to restaurant owners and managers. You can now customize and edit your listing.  You should also make sure the information such as addresses or maps and phone numbers are correct for your restaurant.


Urbanspoon marketing allows your food and your restaurant to be displayed in downloaded photographs so you can show featured dishes or the logo you just had painted on the front door.  Most restaurant owners take advantage of writing a bit about the restaurant itself, its history, its specialties, any of the restaurant features that will differentiate your place from the rest.


That’s important to the success of your Urbanspoon marketing strategy.  One of the features of Urbanspoon is make suggestions for restaurants similar to yours, therefore you need your pizza place listing to be more engaging that the others.  Of course, your menu can be attached along with photos.  Use that section to put some punch in the outcome of you Urbanspoon marketing by having an exciting menu.


When I visit another city, I like to dine on dishes that I can’t get anywhere but there.  You know, I’m going to eat barbecue in Kansas City, ribs in Memphis, beans in Boston and a beer in Milwaukee, you get it.  Urbanspoon will make it far simpler to find those restaurants now and if you, as a restaurant owner, use Urbanspoon marketing to its fullest, your restaurant may be the first one I see when I’m looking for a good cheese-steak in Philly.

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