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More and more, people are looking to online help to find the hottest nightclubs to visit, the best places to go for drink specials, as well as other aspects of nightlife. So if you are looking to attract new customers to your nightclub, then text messaging marketing nightclubs is the way to pull them in. Text message marketing is now being used by restaurants, bars, doctors, lawyers, nightclubs, and many other local businesses.


Nightclubs are now realizing how powerful a marketing tool text messaging is. Consequently, it is now being used by them as an easy and effective way to connect with customers, and attract new ones. Text messaging marketing works because it gives instant notification, and is highly visible. In fact, individuals are likely to view and respond to text messages within a few minutes of receiving them, so you can be assured that your message will be read by the target audience.


The popularity and widespread use of mobile phones by adults, makes it the ideal way to target them. For that reason, text message marketing nightclubs is a great way to promote your nightclub.


To begin their text message campaign, a nightclub will first have to sign up with a reliable mass text messaging platform. Then they will have to find a way to capture the information of customers who already visit the club, and also find a way to attract new members.


Capturing existing customer information

Nightclubs need to use text messaging to connect with existing customers, and turn them into subscribers. They can then use that subscriber base as a take-off point to leverage support when they are promoting future projects. After creating a customer account, with the text messaging platform, the nightclub can use that name as a calling card to their in-house customers. This can be done by placing signs with the name at strategic points in the club, and giving them the chance to opt-in to their campaign.


Attracting New customers

Text message marketing can also be used to attract new customers. You can advertise your nightclub on places like Facebook, and include a call to action that will enable you to capture the cell phone numbers of the persons who view your message. For example you could release photos taken at your nightclub on Facebook and use photo editing software to add your text message. In order to capture cell phone numbers, the call to action may read something like this “Text the word (club name) to (telephone #) for an invitation to our hottest parties,” or something similar.


When you get fans to opt-in to your text message campaign, then you have to keep them engaged by offering them something of value. If not, you will quickly lose their attention. Some of the ways you can do this is by creating promotional items for these customers. For example you can offer a reduced cover charge or discounted drinks for persons who opt-in to text messages. Text message marketing nightclubs, can also be used to promote weekly events.

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