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Text Message Marketing Fitness – SMS Magic                                             


If you don’t know what a text message is, you must have been living under a rock for the past 20 years.  Today, a person is more likely to shoot a text about where to meet for dinner than to dial the phone and make the dinner plans.  In these days of high technology gadgets and super-fast information, text messaging has transformed the advertising and marketing industry.  NO matter what type of business you own or manager, SMS or test message marketing, can be a beneficial and cost effective means of advertising.  While restaurants often utilize text message marketing, fitness centers have joined the ranks of the text message gurus.


With text message marketing, fitness centers all around the globe are finding new ways to attract members and are enjoying member retention numbers higher than ever before. Why is an SMS marketing strategy so successful?  It’s simple really.  Research has shown that text message marketing is ten times more productive than a newspaper ad.  Why?  Because on average, we open a text message within four minutes of the alert sound. Through text message marketing, fitness enthusiasts are notified of a special deal or membership drive or sponsored fun run.  The options are limitless.


An SMS system tracks your existing customers or members with their cell phone numbers.  As a training facility owner or manager, you will have access to data for frequency at the gym, fitness classes taken, and many more crucial bits information that can drive a marketing campaign.  While implementing text message marketing, fitness centers can provide their existing customer who hasn’t been to the gym lately with a free smoothie or towel service upon their next visit.  To gain new customers through text message marketing, fitness centers can perform an area code wide campaign offering the first visit free or a special new member price for those receiving a certain text message.


With all the ideas for text message marketing, fitness centers everywhere can enjoy an affordable advertising campaign and a proven high yield marketing strategy by simply implementing an SMS program at the gym.  Most small business owners and managers spend enough of their time at the computer, the appeal of managing an SMS program is right up there with watching the wheat grass grow.  No problem.  There are companies out there designed specifically to maintain your text message marketing strategies.  You have all the say and all the control without all the headaches and worry.


All the best and latest fitness equipment, the highest quality trainers, the hottest saunas and the softest towels don’t a mean a thing if no one knows you’re there.  Newspaper ads, phone book ads, television commercials all cost an arm and a leg and do the results justify that cost?  This is a new era of technology and super-fast information.  Through text message marketing, fitness centers can get their names out there, in thousands of hands and thousands of eyes within an average of four minutes.

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