Text Coupons – The Fastest Way To Drive Paying Customers Into Your Store!

One of the biggest opportunities in the Mobile Marketing world is Text Couponing. Think about it – probably 90% of your customers use a smart phone and the majority of those people actively text -everyday!

Overall we view over 97% of the texts we receive and usually within a few minutes of receiving them..

What other kind of marketing gets a 97% open rate?

Not snail mail, certainly NOT email and how many people even look at the local coupon newspapers – let alone find your ad buried in with all the other ads.

Text Coupon

Here’s an example of a Text Coupon

Beyond just the open rate though – Mobile Coupons are redeemed almost 10 times more frequently then old fashioned paper coupons!

Now, imagine you could send out text coupons to your best customers, knowing that close to 100% of those coupons will be read within a few minutes.

Say, it’s a slow day and you want to fill some empty seats in your restaurant – wouldn’t it be great if you could send out a  text saying something like:

“Not sure what to make for dinner tonight? Make it a Pizza night – here’s a coupon for $5 off a large pie- tonight only”

What kind of a response do you think a text like that would get? (I can almost guarantee it will be a better response then that Pennysaver ad that’s buried on page 12)

Text couponing is built right into the customized mobile app that I can create for your business. Call me today and let me explain how easy (and affordable) it is to get started.

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