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Nightclub promotion ideas

People dancing at a nightclub ("clubbing&...

People dancing at a nightclub (“clubbing”). Or possibly dancing to live music (a band) at their local pub. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Club promotion isn’t something that will happen by itself. You have to have someone pulling the strings, implementing strategies,… Continue reading

Effective Restaurant Marketing

New Orleans: "La Divina" gelateria w...

New Orleans: “La Divina” gelateria was one of the first business back open after Hurricane Gustav. Interior view with unusually large number of customers taking advantage of the wi-fi internet connection, as substantial parts of the city were still without… Continue reading

Mobile Text Marketing Software

English: Author: Redvers. Two "welcome&qu...

English: Author: Redvers. Two “welcome” messages received via SMS text messaging. T-Mobile welcomes Proximus to the United Kingdom; BASE welcomes Orange subscribers to Belgium. Both are Nokia phones, but the picture was taken with another brand of mobile phone camera.… Continue reading

Text Marketing Mobile Websites


Mobile-phone-advertising (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you market on the internet, it’s not enough that your website can be accessed by computers. Even more important than that, is the need to take advantage of the mobile space by setting up a… Continue reading

Mobile Marketing Nightclubs

Mobile Marketing for Small & Medium Business |...

Mobile Marketing for Small & Medium Business | Colorado (Photo credit: SocialMediaVIDEOmarketing)

As customers become more tech savvy, mobile marketing is changing nightlife. More and more, people are using mobile devices for commerce, entertainment, sports,  … you name it.… Continue reading

Website Repair Case Study – NegotiatingWomen.com Gets Mobile

One of our long term clients (negotiatingwomen.com) realized that their existing website (while beautiful on a desktop computer) looked simply awful and was nearly impossible to navigate when viewed on a smart phone or tablet.

We discussed the different options… Continue reading

Mobile Direct Marketing – Mobile Device Trends

Mobile Direct Marketing – Mobile Device Trends                             


Our mobile devices… Continue reading

Mobile Marketing Trends 2013

Mobile Marketing Trends 2013


With 2012 bringing the number of smartphone users to over one million, it is not surprising that a trend towards mobile marketing will begin in 2013. Some mobile marketing trends 2013 will bring a business… Continue reading

A Question to Consider when You Decide to Do Text Marketing

A Question to Consider when You Decide to Do Text Marketing


When choosing to do text marketing, perhaps the most important question to ask yourself is “What do I want this campaign to achieve for my business?” It seems… Continue reading