Spa SMS Marketing – Broaden Your Clientele

Spa SMS Marketing – Broaden Your Clientele

Everybody enjoys a good steam sauna, or a relaxing rub down, or to lazily lounge in the bubbles of a hot tub.  You’ve just opened a spa that includes all of those wonderful activities plus many more but how do you get your name out there so people will know?  The most effective of marketing strategy to hit the business world in a long time is making waves in hot tubs all across the country and it can work for you, too. SMS marketing…specifically spa SMS marketing.  I’m talking about SMS text marketing for your spa.


Spa SMS marketing can and will open your doors for you and increase awareness of your spa.  A New York marketing company researched the effectiveness of SMS advertising, comparing it to traditional means of advertising.  They found that SMS advertising was ten times more effective than newspaper advertising and nearly five times more effective than direct marketing, mailers, coupon books, etc.  No need to even mention how much more effective SMS text advertising is than the hated telemarketing strategies.


I understand that starting a new business can be overwhelming.  There are so many options to consider when it comes to advertising.  Do you buy space in the paper or buy at least a half page in the phone book?  Should you advertise in the spendy local magazines?  I’m not saying to avoid those advertising tools, I’m simply saying spend your advertising dollars wisely.  Spa SMS marketing tools will enable you to reach more potential customers than either newspapers or the phone book or even that local rag everyone reads.


It sounds much more difficult than it is.  Most business owners don’t have the time or the know how to manage such an endeavor and that’s understandable.  You’re trying to run a business.  SMS Marketing firms are popping up all over the country to manage your spa SMS marketing system for you.  You’ll have all the control at your fingertips while someone else make sure SMS marketing is working for you, hassle free.  Often, SMS marketing management companies offer creative consulting to assist you in keeping your messaging fresh and appealing for your customers.


In spa SMS marketing, one might offer a friend-ship special, giving free services to the existing client who brings in a friend to join the spa.  Or even have a special for anniversaries or birthdays.  It could be something to the effect of a coupon for buy one get one free massage for a wedding anniversary celebration.  Or half off the cost of your next yoga class for bringing in a group for the last session.  The ideas are limitless and can greatly increase the amount of foot traffic you’ll have coming into your spa.


There are many different ways to get your name out there and increase the clientele at your spa.  But if you want to get the most bang for your buck, spa SMS marketing is the most effective advertising strategy today, cost effective, advertising effective and increase the bottom line effective.

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