SMS Marketing for Dry Cleaners – Strategies to Clean Up

SMS Marketing for Dry Cleaners – Strategies to Clean Up

No one thinks much about dry cleaning.  Usually, the dry cleaner just down the street is the closest and most convenient but they don’t always do the greatest job.  How can a dry cleaner differentiate from the rest to get your business?  SMS marketing for dry cleaners is one advertising strategy that might move you.


SMS text marketing strategies are quickly becoming the most effective business advertising tool to come onto the scene for a very long time.  And it works for any business type or size.  Marketing research has found that SMS text marketing is ten times more effective than an ad in the paper and five times more effective than sending out a coupon in snail mail.  In addition, SMS marketing texts themselves bring an outstanding 30% return.  SMS marketing for dry cleaners will be just as effective, but what can a dry cleaner offer?


The ideas for SMS marketing for dry cleaners are limitless.  Just to throw out a few, remember the “punch card?”  For every nine shirts cleaned, you would get the cleaning of the tenth for free, if you remember to take in the card every time.  Through SMS marketing for dry cleaners, you can track the number of shirts cleaned through each customers cell phone and the sms text will automatically be sent to those customers hitting the ten shirt mark.  Another idea is to spread a new customer campaign through an entire area code, encouraging customers to try your shop for a first time customer discount determined by you. But how do you keep the fresh ideas coming to keep the customers coming?


Often business owners just don’t have the time to manage a system for SMS marketing for dry cleaners or any other business.  Running a company keeps a person busy so why not hire a local SMS marketing firm to handle all of your SMS advertising?  It is surprisingly affordable and hassle free but keeps you in the loop on every decision regarding your SMS marketing for dry cleaners.  After all, it is your business and you need to make the most of your advertising dollars.  The service not only provides you with complete control of the advertisements sent out and the ability to see the results by  tracking the statistics provided by your SMS firm and by the increased volume in your business, but you will have th option of creative input from them.  The SMS firm does this as their business, they might have some good ideas to keep your SMS text messages and fresh and interesting.


The numbers don’t lie.  A 30% return on your advertising dollars is nothing to shake a stick at.   What that means to your dry cleaners is that for every 100 SMS text messages you send, on average you will gain 30 new customers with at least 30 dry cleaning needs.  SMS marketing for dry cleaners is equally effective for any company utilizing the strategy to maximize their growth potential by taking advantage of the mass communication ability of today’s technologies.

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