SMS Long Island – Marketing Magic

SMS Long Island – Marketing Magic

Everyone on the planet seems to have a cell phone.  I don’t think I could live without my cell phone these days.  Most people feel that way which has resulted in a marketing strategy that is taking the world of business by storm.  Text or SMS marketing is the new wave.  The new advertising tool is available through marketing companies for the New York City Metropolitan area,  NYC SMS, and SMS Long Island and all over the country.


A company can chose to purchase software to support the advertising system or if in NYC Metro or Long Island, a business can enjoy the success of this strategy with out the hassle  of managing a complicated tracking system.  For SMS Long Island or NYC Metro, there are many marketing companies out there to manage your SMS text advertising.  Your company will reap the benefits.  The cost for such a marketing tool has a range of pricing depending of course on the extent of reach and the options.  The following measure of success is based on  SMS Long Island and in NYC.


A New York marketing business monitored the SMS Long Island and NYC systems only to find that SMS Text Advertising is 10 times more effective than newspapers and 5 times more effective than direct mail.  We don’t even need to discuss how much more effective SMS Long Island and NYC texting systems measured against the dreaded telemarketing.


SMS Long Island and NYC companies who have chosen to have a third party manage their SMS systems, don’t lose control of the strategy behind the marketing tool.  The advertiser is always the one in control. Companies have 24 hour access to their Internet panel where they  have unlimited access to messaging and tracking statistics, all with the touch of a button from any computer.  Participating companies can send messages through all of the major cell phone carriers in NYC Metropolitan area resulting in successful cross marketing into markets other than “the neighborhood.”


Advertising has long been believed to be the key to success for growing companies.  Today, with technology providing so much information and so much variety in advertising strategies, it’s important for a growing company to spend it’s advertising dollars wisely to maximize their exposure.  Without doubt, SMS Long Island  and NYC Metropolitan companies are finding success in SMS text advertising and marketing strategies, as are many companies across the technological world.


When setting up a SMS text marketing plan, know that there are no limits to what you can offer or advertise through a text message.  Use your imagination.  The point is to gain customers and exposure in the markets/areas that apply to the company advertising.  If you’re pet store located in Pensacola, Florida, advertising a special for dog grooming, you don’t want to send SMS messages to Minneapolis.  You’re unlikely to gain many Minnesota customers looking to groom their poodle in Florida.


SMS Long Island, NYC and companies all across the country  know the benefits of SMS text advertising and are making the most of it.  It may be the perfect marketing strategy for just about any company trying to make the most of this technological era.

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