Small Business Text Message Marketing – Make it Happen

Small Business Text Message Marketing – Make it Happen                     


Forty years ago, one of the most successful means of advertising for a small business was word of mouth.  Today, that hasn’t changed too much.  It’s just that “word of mouth” is now driven by mobile devices and the world wide web and speaks to many more people than ever and in more ways than ever.  Small business text message marketing is one of many marketing strategies in use today that is providing small businesses everywhere with affordable, effective advertising.


SMS marketing or text message marketing is a strategy developed to capitalize on the increase of mobile device use in our society today.  Everyone I know has a cell phone and would never leave home without it.  Either that or an I-pad or notebook never leaves their side.  Small business text message marketing is an opportunity for small businesses to have “word of mouth” and the Internet work for them in a big way.


Testing and research has shown that the average person will open and read a text message within the first four minutes of it arrival.  That same research determined that text message marketing is ten times more effective than a newspaper ad campaign and five times more productive than a direct marketing strategy.  I can only imagine how much more effective text message marketing might be when compared to telemarketing.  Small business text message marketing has proven very effective when used to optimize customer retention and to find new customers.  Depending on the nature of your business, there is an unlimited amount of ideas to help bring foot traffic your way.


Small business text message marketing strategies begin with a system for tracking your customers’ activities through their cell phone numbers.  The system has each customer “sign in” or “register” upon each visit to your establishment then tracks the activity, what items did they purchase, what service did they use.  The data will depend upon the nature of your business.  For the sake of this article, let’s imagine your business is a auto tune and oil change company.


A new customer might come by for a first oil change, that information is logged into the system then when the estimated time for a second oil change comes around, a text message is automatically sent to that customer.  Possibly offer a discount to return for the second oil change or a free car wash to return.  Small business text message marketing can include any and all of the ideas you can come up with.


Many small business owners can’t take enough time away from the business to properly manage and maintain an SMS system, therefore, there are SMS marketing companies offering their services to manage your small business text message marketing strategies. While you maintain complete control and your input is very necessary, your small business text message marketing system will produce and track the activity of your exiting customers while a new customer campaign works to get you as many new customers as you can handle.

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