Restaurant Text Marketing – Excellent Return Rate

Restaurant Text Marketing – Excellent Return Rate

I get text messages from an assortment of different businesses in my area.  Most of them are from restaurants promoting their daily specials or inviting me back for a free desert with my meal.  Restaurant text marketing is fast becoming the most efficient way to reach customers, both new and returning.


A New York City marketing firm found through marketing research, that SMS text marketing or advertising is ten times more effective than newspaper advertising and five times more effective than direct marketing.  We don’t even need to mention the depth of its effectiveness compared to the over-rated and annoying telemarketing strategy.  Particularly, restaurant text marketing is impacting successful diners, restaurants and “mom and pop’s” all over the country because of the ability to text coupons and special offers.


As a restaurant owner, if you think the idea of  text marketing is a good, as most folks do, but you don’t have time to manage the whole thing, consider the low cost of hiring a local SMS marketing company to handle it all for you.  You will still have the final say so and complete control of your marketing strategies but they will keep it hassle free for you.  They keep the software functioning, the messages moving and the dizzying statistics organized for you to track your success at restaurant text marketing.  We know how busy a restaurant can be, and with your new advertising, it’s likely to get far busier.


Restaurant text marketing strategies apply to all sizes of eateries, from the largest chains, to the smallest mom and pop.  Keep in mind the market of your restaurant.  If it’s the only greasy spoon in Smallville, USA, I’m betting everyone in the area already eats there, but how many truckers stop in?  Offer a cell phone special for truckers who snap a cell phone picture of themselves standing by the restaurant sign and send it in.  The next time that trucker comes through town, the free slice of apple pie with lunch might be just the ticket to get him to his next stop.  Restaurant text marketing has no limits regarding what or how often you can advertise.


There are unlimited ideas for restaurant text marketing.  One can simply advertise the daily special or announce the opening of a new store, or send coupons to returning customers. The sky is literally the limit.  The time at which the messages are sent can be very important.  Let’s say you run a pizza joint.  How about sending out a text message on Friday night at 6 pm, offering a free topping on a large pie for those who received the discount code through the   message?  Or, if you’re the owner of a 24 hour diner, specializing in late night breakfast,  send a text out around 1:30 am, just before the bars close.  You might offer a free breakfast to all of the designated drivers or free coffee to all who have the discount code.  Your options are limitless.


Restaurant text marketing is quickly becoming the leader in media advertising. It’s cost effective, simple and a restaurant owner or manager can reach literally thousands of potential customers with the push of a button.

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