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If the décor and food in your restaurant is great and the staff is friendly, but you are struggling to get customers in the door, then you need to implement an effective restaurant marketing strategy. Any marketing strategy you implement must take advantage of the bounty of ad space offered by the internet. In particular, social media marketing offers the ideal opportunity to grow customers at an accelerated rate.


If you want to increase your social media presence, then be sure to sign up with Twitter and Facebook. The more fans you have on Facebook, and the more followers you have on Twitter, the greater will be your visibility in cyberspace. It is also a great way to get customers to opt-in to your email marketing campaign. Offering contests via social media is by far one of the best methods to get customers interested in your restaurant. They will be willing to like your Facebook page, or follow you on Twitter for a chance to win a free dinner, or some similar prize.


Twitter should be included in your restaurant marketing strategy, as it is a proven and effective way to connect with customers. With over 140million users in the US alone, Twitter is a digital marketing space that cannot be ignored. What makes it so special, is the unique perspective it offers in terms of instant customer feedback. The feedback you get from customers can help you to determine their preferences, as well as plan daily specials. You can also use Twitter to conduct mini surveys to find out how customers liked a new menu option, or a special event.


Location based mobile apps should also be included in a restaurant marketing strategy, as they can also bring in business. The fact that mobile internet use in the US in quickly approaching the heights of wired use, means that location based apps must be included in your restaurant marketing strategy. Apps like Foursquare have become popular, simply because people like the idea of checking in from different location. Some restaurants take advantage of this by offering discounts to customers that check in often from their location. Location based mobile apps are great for busy people on the go, and it’s a great way to draw in new customers.


Foodspotting is another mobile app that should be included in your marketing mix, as many persons use it to find restaurants fast. It not only tells customers where to find a restaurant, but it also tells them what’s good there as well. Customers often take photos of their favorite dishes that they’ve had at a restaurant, and post these on Foodspotting. So it’s a great way to get free advertisements for your best dishes.


With social media as a part of your restaurant marketing strategy, you will be able to quickly create a buzz about your establishment. By taking advantage of the large cyber market that those platforms represent, you will be able to increase visibility, engage customers, and gain market share.

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