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Traditionally, restaurant marketing has centered on print advertisements in the newspapers, radio ads, and flyers. However, with the emergence of social media, all that has changed significantly. So too has the role of restaurant marketing consultants. These consultants now have to be tech savvy in order to harness the marketing potential of the internet. And in so doing, they have to implement strategies that are a lot more interesting and innovative.


Restaurant marketing consultants work alongside restaurant managers, to chart solid marketing development plans for different venues. They plan and implement the relevant strategies that are going to attract clientele, and grow the business. Very often, this will involve branding the restaurant. Restaurant branding is designed to let customers know exactly what the establishment is all about. The brand will capture the vision of the venue, so that customers can easily tell what it is that sets it apart from the competition. Depending on how it has been branded, the restaurant will then become identified as a casual eatery, or a place for fine dining.


As part of their marketing assistance, restaurant marketing consultants have to be able to do help restaurants design their website. This is a vital element in a restaurant being able to improve its online visibility. Restaurant websites should be well laid out and have a good design that includes inspiring images, and useful information. These are some of the elements that will drive traffic to the website, thereby enabling the restaurant to gain new customers. Of course the website should also showcase the menu in an attractive and enticing manner.


In addition to branding and web designing, restaurant marketing consultants also implement other strategies relating to social media mobile marketing, restaurant promotions and merchandising, and loyalty programs.


Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, offer another great opportunity for restaurants to increase their online visibility. Restaurant marketing consultants would of course set up a Facebook page for the venue, and use it as a way to keep existing customers advised of recent happenings. The restaurant Facebook page is the ideal place to post new menus, accept reservations, and offer exclusive promotions.


The consultants can also set up a Twitter account for the restaurant, and advise them how best to use this tool to engage customers. By posting daily specials and other promotions, the restaurant can get customers talking.


Restaurant promotions are another marketing tool that the consultants are likely to utilize. Today’s competitive marketplace demands the use of creative promotions to attract customers. This can be done by offering specials and discounts to persons when they dine in. This is usually quite effective, as people are always looking to save wherever they can.


Restaurant marketing consultants can help you to implement relevant strategies that will move the business forward. They can visualize and implement concepts needed to attract the attention of your targeted audience. In order to do this, they employ a number of online strategies, as well as promotions and public relations activities. 

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