Online Marketing Local Businesses – A Must for Every Business

Online Marketing Local Businesses – A Must for Every Business          


Through online marketing, local businesses are finding great success by making the most out of their online presence.  As a business owner, you know that in this age of information, it is essential that you have an effective online marketing strategy involving far more than just a cool website. Those days have gone the way of the phone booth.  You have to have more on the ball.  Online marketing local businesses is the business of an SEO company and many other web-based marketing companies.  Let’s begin with an SEO or search engine optimization company.


When a consumer does a web search, looking for a specific service, it begins a process run by the search engine.  The search engine (Google or Bing for example) sends out a “spider” or “crawler” to crawl the entire web looking for links relevant to your search.  Once the crawler has gathered all of the links, it continues its search within those links, looking for keywords or phrases further relevant to your inquiry.  As it gathers the information, the information is indexed to form what is known as the “rank factor” or the order of the search result listings.  The most relevant link or site will be first on the list, each after carrying less relevance.  Online marketing local businesses, for the SEO involves improving your rank factor, thus placing your company higher on the results list.  Ultimately, you want your business’ website first on the list.


Companies all over the world are using the biggest social media network known to man, to market their company.  That’s right, Facebook is instrumental in online marketing local businesses.  It’s one thing to have a website for your business, but is it on Facebook?  Most business owners know the ins and outs of Facebook but that’s about it.  It’s important to build a “fan page” for your business with links to your website.  Your fan page will give your customers, or “fans” the ability to access your company on a lighter side and spread the word.  Often Facebook is a good platform for launching promotions and announcing special events happening at your business.


Online marketing local businesses isn’t for all marketing companies.  Those old school fellows who still believe direct marketing is the way to go or that the personal touch of a telemarketer will bring in the business.  We know better.  One of the most effective marketing tools available today is in your pocket.  That’s right, your cell phone is a great way to reach people.  What is called SMS is used frequently for online marketing local businesses through the simple art of texting.  Restaurants and service companies all across the country are using this strategy to increase their return business and attract new.


It’s not the easiest thing to do for your own company, with all the technology mumbo jumbo. You just don’t have time for that.  But, it’s a must.  Take advantage of the companies who specialize in online marketing local businesses and enjoy the success you deserve.

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