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English: Club in Okinawa, Japan.

English: Club in Okinawa, Japan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If a nightclub is going to be successful, then people have to know about it. Promotion is the key to building awareness, and this is often left in the experienced hands of a nightclub promotion company. The company will employ many different strategies and methods, which are all designed to improve the venue’s attractiveness, and pull in customers.


There are several reasons why some nightclubs opt for the services of a nightclub promotion company to help market the club. Anyone who runs a nightclub knows how hectic a job it can be, and often owners do not have sufficient time to devote to the activities needed to properly promote the club, and club events. As a result, they take a promotion company on board to market the club.


It is always recommended that the nightclub and the promotional company sign a written agreement. This should clearly state the obligations of the company to the nightclub, as well as the compensation to be paid by the nightclub for these services. It should also outline the length of the agreement.


Role of Nightclub promotion companies:


Identify a target audience. One of the key roles of the promotion company is essentially to target and satisfy a niche group of individuals. This may either be persons of a particular age range, or a specific group. It is not possible to set up a club that appeals to everyone, so a nightclub should have an established audience. If you are not sure who your target market is, then the nightclub promotion company will help you define that market. When that has been determined, events and promotional items can be planned with that group in mind.


Organize and advertise events. The promotion company is largely responsible for making events like theme nights  a huge success. Planning the event lies in their hands, and that includes securing entertainment. When planning an event, the promoters must keep their target market in mind, as everything should be designed so as to appeal to them. That means that the event has to be well coordinated, and the DJ’s booked must be chosen to appeal to the type of persons they expect to show up.


An integral part of planning the event is advertising via street promotion. In order to do this, the company usually puts teams together. These street teams are sent out mainly to pass out flyers, however, they should also be experienced enough to be able to convince persons to come to the club for the special event.


Utilize creative promotional ideas. In addition to organizing special events, the nightclub promotion company is also responsible for using creative ideas to bring in more business to the club. This will include the use of traditional marketing methods, as well as more modern techniques such as mobile marketing, and social media marketing. The company will also see to setting up a website that is SEO optimized in order to further improve the visibility of the nightclub, and pull in new customers.



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