Mobile Marketing Trends 2013

Mobile Marketing Trends 2013


With 2012 bringing the number of smartphone users to over one million, it is not surprising that a trend towards mobile marketing will begin in 2013. Some mobile marketing trends 2013 will bring a business closer to a customer, enabling them to make purchases right on their phone. Some advances in technology will bring with them new marketing abilities. 2013 is shaping up to be a big year for mobile marketing.


Customers are becoming more dependent on their phones while making purchasing decisions. Phones are likely the first place a customer turns to when they want to look up a product and compare it with other similar products. This makes them a powerful channel for delivering product information. In 2013, phones will likely become the first chance a marketer has of influencing a customer.


Because of this, television and print ads will no longer be as effective. However, mobile marketing trends 2013  suggest that marketers will learn to connect TV and print with mobile marketing. Instead of giving the usual phone number to call and order, a commercial will give the address of a mobile site where the product can be reviewed further and eventually purchased.


Because of advances in technology, mobile marketing will be able to include higher quality video ads. A customer might then see a TV commercial and be intrigued about a product, go to its mobile site and see a video, become convinced about it and make a purchase. The advances will also allow for interactive ads which have proven to be very effective. Mobile marketing trends 2013 seem to be encouraging these media rich ads and so we can expect more of them in coming months.


Apps like Passbook that allow customers to store coupons, loyalty cards, and other marketing efforts are expected to gain popularity in 2013. Coupons and loyalty programs have always proved to be effective marketing tools and with everything else moving on to the mobile format, they have too. Passbook and other comparable apps are expected to become increasingly important to marketers because they are becoming increasingly popular with the public. Text marketing coupons are expected to grow as well, though perhaps not as much as app coupons. Mobile marketing trends 2013 seem to suggest that mobile coupons will overtake other types of coupons, including email coupons.


Phones are not the only mobile device mobile marketing is concerned with. With the recent popularity of tablets, it is becoming increasingly important for marketers to learn to adapt their ads to fit the larger screens. The larger screens are an advantage themselves because they allow for larger ads while maintaining a high quality look about them. In 2013 we can expect a fair amount of ads being delivered on tablets.


Mobile marketing trends 2013 show rapidly growing progress towards the mobile format. As we become more dependent on mobile technologies, marketers must continue to creatively develop ways to advertise. Thankfully, advances in mobile technology allow for media rich and interactive ads, making it easier to create effective and entertaining mobile ads.

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