Mobile Marketing Restaurants – SMS Marketing Pioneers

Mobile Marketing Restaurants – SMS Marketing Pioneers             


As a restaurant owner or manager, you know that advertising is a must and with the latest trend of mobile marketing, restaurants all over the world are using the power of social media and mobile devices to make the most out of their marketing strategies.  It’s the truth that no one can leave home without a smart phone or I pad or notebook in tow.  It seems that the next logical conclusion would be to take advantage of the use of so many mobile devices to get your name out there on a broad scale.


Regarding free mobile marketing, restaurants of all sizes and types are using existing and customer driven social media location based review sites such as Urbanspoon or Yelp to increase their new customer count and maximize customer retention.  Urbanspoon and Yelp are both sites used by millions of consumers daily to find a business or restaurant and are largely compiled through consumer submissions. (Urbanspoon is strictly designed for restaurants while Yelp includes all small businesses.)


As a manager or owner, you should know that most customer driven “review” sites will very likely have a listing for you submitted by a customer.  It’s important that you go on line and take control of the listing at each site.  You want the contact and location information to be up to date and accurate.  Once you have control you can enhance the listing with photographs of the food, the restaurant itself, the menu and specials or coupons for customers who use the site to find your establishment.


Since the beginning of mobile marketing, restaurants have been proponents of the development of SMS marketing or text message marketing and have made it a very popular medium for mobile marketing restaurants of any kind. SMS is a system of tracking by using cell phone numbers.  Think about it.  How many times are you asked for your phone number at a checkout stand?  Nearly every time these days.


In order to make the most of mobile marketing, restaurants use text messaging to contact existing and potential customers on their phones.  Market research shows that text message advertising is ten times more effective than newspaper ads.  That makes sense, people open a text within four minutes on an average.  Do you even look through the ads in the Sunday paper?  Sending an returning customer a coupon for a free bottomless cup of coffee with breakfast or do an area code campaign to attract a new customer base.


By using some forms of mobile marketing, restaurants have the opportunity to advertise at no cost on line.  SMS marketing, on the other hand, is a computer program monitored by either the restaurant or by an SMS company who can compile data and manage the system for you.  You will find that the low cost of SMS marketing is far out-weighed by the results your company will enjoy.


A good eatery is getting easier to find in this new age of information.  Because of the available mobile marketing, restaurants can easily be located by category or reputation or location or just about anything that a person can “Google.”  Let your restaurant be known and take advantage of all that is available.

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