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As customers become more tech savvy, mobile marketing is changing nightlife. More and more, people are using mobile devices for commerce, entertainment, sports,  … you name it. The best way to target and engage your potential customers is therefore with mobile marketing nightclubs. Failing this, those customers will be lost to competitors who have learnt to keep pace with them on their mobile devices. Mobile marketing must therefore be a part of any nightclub marketing mix.

With the advent of mobile devices, consumers are now able to get information on the go. Consequently, traditional advertising media like TV, newspaper, and radio, are no longer the best way to reach them, hence the rise in mobile marketing. Mobile marketing involves the use of mobile devices like cell phones, e-readers, and smartbooks, in marketing communication. Mobile marketing can take several forms including SMS marketing, location-based marketing, and MMS marketing.

If you are looking to market your nightclub, then you have to explore mobile marketing for nightclubs. This can take several forms including text messaging, mobile social marketing, location marketing, and more. We take a look at some of them below.

Text messaging must be on the top of any list when it comes to mobile marketing ideas. It is one of the best ways to take advantage of the new interactions that have emerged as a result of mobile marketing. When people are busy, sending them an SMS text is perhaps one of the best ways to communicate with them, because studies show that persons will view text messages within 15 minutes of receiving them.

You can use interactive text messaging to create an opt-in list. You can then use that list to engage customers by offering a text-to-win contest. So you could ask them to text a keyword to the number, for a chance to win a free drink, a discount on the cover charge, or some other promotion. This will also help to attract new customers.

Mobile social marketing is also all the rage, because people spend loads of time interacting via social networks like Twitter and Facebook. So if something exciting happens at your nightclub then you can tweet about it or better yet, post a photo of it on your Facebook page and include an interactive text message. Your customers will be able to respond wherever they are. It’s also a great way to let them know about the latest happenings at your nightclub.

Location marketing is another popular mobile marketing nightclubs method. Location marketing is all about communicating with consumers depending on their location. It involves the use of mobile directories and mobile search engines, which consumers use to look-up business when they are on the go. If your nightclub is listed with the local major mobile directories in your area, and consumers are searching for nightclubs in your city, then the name of your club will appear on the list.

Mobile devices have changed the face of media consumption; there is growing demand for people to get information when they are on the run. Consequently, mobile marketing nightclubs must become the norm for nightclub owners.

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