Mobile Direct Marketing – Mobile Device Trends

Mobile Direct Marketing – Mobile Device Trends                             


Our mobile devices are the most important innovations in advertising in years.  Virtually no one goes anywhere without their smart phone or I pad or notebook.  What better way to get your business name out there than mobile direct marketing?   The newest trend in advertising includes many varieties of marketing including the very popular SMS or text messaging, social media location based services and social media itself.


SMS messaging is being used by a large number of companies in a variety of industries and has proven to be ten times more effective that newspaper advertisements and five times more effective than postal direct marketing.  One can only imagine how many more results you can get by using a mobile direct marketing strategy such as SMS compared to the dreaded telemarketing.   Research shows that most people will open a text message within four minutes after it arrives in their mobile device.


Many restaurants and service oriented companies are using mobile direct marketing through SMS text messaging to keep there existing customers coming back.  How nice to get a free piece of pie at one of your favorite greasy spoons just because you haven’t been there for a couple of weeks. Or a free car wash for getting an oil change when the car is due for it anyway.  Companies everywhere are finding SMS text messaging to be a very effective mobile direct marketing strategy.


One of the most popular trends in mobile direct marking is Foursquare, a social media location based web service designed to provide the consumer with educated choices.  Aimed at the busy up and comers of the day, Foursquare provides information on local businesses and companies at the touch of a button.  If you are a business owner, you are likely already listed on Foursquare, your company submitted by a customer of yours.  With over 20 million registered users and 100 million hits a day, It is wise to “claim” your business on Foursquare.  You can then keep the information updated and current plus, you take control of the listing and can use the free mobile direct marketing strategy to announce promotions and activity at your business.


Restaurants are afforded specific mobile direct marketing through similar social media rating and recommendation web services such as Urbanspoon.  Again, as a restaurant owner, you should know that there is a good chance your business is already listed (and reviewed) by a customer who either enjoyed it or did not enjoy dining at your establishment.  Claim your business so you are in control of the listing content.  Although you cannot change reviews or comments made by your customers, you can make sure your location and contact information is correct.  You can also expand your listing to include your menu, including photographs, and reward loyal customers with coupons and specials.


It doesn’t matter if you use one or all of the free mobile direct marketing strategies that are available in today’s marketplace.  But, it is important that you stay on the forefront of your industry by following the trends in todays in advertising and marketing.

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