Mobile Advertising Trends – Wave of the Future

Mobile Advertising Trends – Wave of the Future                              


We are in the midst of the information age.  With the simple push of a button or touch on a screen, we know just what we wanted to know.  Advertising had no choice but to take steps to remain an important part of the mobile device revolution.  Mobile advertising trends touch more people in less time than any advertising campaigns in history.  No one leaves home without their phone or notebook.  Why not take advantage of the mobile device craze and get your brand in the people’s hands and minds in a split second?  You would be silly not to take advantage of the free available mobile advertising trends.


One of the most popular mobile advertising trends in today’s marketplace is social media and location based review sites such as Foursquare, Urbanspoon and Yelp.    If you are a business owner or manager, your company is very likely already listed on the web based review sites.  It’s important that you, as the owner or manager, claim your listing and take control of your own mobile marketing strategies.  While you cannot change reviews and comments made by customers, you can take control of the information content and use the sites to your advantage.


For example, Yelp is a small business review and locater service with an on line community of nearly 100 million users, daily.  You want to make sure that the information listed about your company is up to date and accurate so the users of Yelp know how to contact you.  A good review yields little business if the phone number is wrong, or the spelling of the company name is off by just one letter.  The very same applies to any of the customer driven review sites.  A business owner can also take advantage of the latest mobile advertising trends on locater listings by including photos, menus, discounts, coupons and on line specials for those new customers using Urbanspoon or Yelp to find you. For example, first time customers can enjoy discounted services just because they found your company on a locater site.


SMS marketing is a major part of mobile advertising trends these days.  SMS marketing is actually the granddaddy of all mobile marketing strategies.  How many times during a shopping spree, are you asked for your phone number when checking out?  Nearly every time you shop, you give your number.  That’s basically what started SMS marketing or text marketing.  Business owners today, use your phone number to track your purchases, frequency of visits and to send you the latest, greatest going ons at the shop.


Many restaurant owners have incorporated an SMS marketing system to increase return customers, broaden their demographic and increase new customer counts.  By sending out text messages to a certain area code that contains an encouraging offer for but one, get one, or a freebie for the first visit to the restaurant.  It works…ten times better than newspaper advertising and five times better than a mailer coupon.  Why?  Because research shows that a person opens and reads a text within four minutes.


Mobile advertising trends are changing the face of marketing and advertising on a complete scale.  While traditional advertising still has its place and likely always will, mobile advertising trends are the wave of the future.

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