Is Mass Text Marketing a Good Idea for Your Business?

Is Mass Text Marketing a Good Idea for Your Business?

In today’s ever-growing world of technology it can be difficult to find marketing strategies that reach potential customers effectively and engage them long enough to convince them of your product’s or service’s value. It can also be difficult to find a strategy that fits within a budget and can also be used to collect feedback. Mass text marketing can be an especially effective and valuable solution for businesses in need of a new strategy.

The effectiveness of advertisements depends mainly on whether or not they reach potential customers. Many people watching television will change the channel or become engaged with something else when commercials begin to play, rendering the advertisements ineffective. Most junk mail advertisements are thrown away upon arrival before the recipient even looks at them.  However, most people will check their cell phones if it alerts them that they have a new message and once they see the message they are reminded of your business.

An engaging advertisement is one that will keep a business on someone’s mind longer than the duration of the ad itself which will increase the probability of a future sale. A contest can keep your business in a customer’s mind for as long as the contest is running and for potentially some time afterwards. Contests can easily be announced through text messages and customers can enter the contest using a defined keyword. After entering, they might even spread the word about the contest and consequently about your business.

Coupons are another great way to keep an advertisement engaging. If you offer coupons and special deals to customers who receive your text messages more people are likely to sign up to receive them, boosting the effectiveness of mass text marketing. Having a coupon to your business will probably convince a customer to choose your business over one of your competitors.

Mass text marketing also provides the unique opportunity to collect feedback via text polls and feedback links. It is a convenient way for customers to give you their opinions, which they might not have done if the opportunity was not presented to them in a way that made it easy. With the information collected, you can grow and develop your business in ways that your customers enjoy, which will help make repeat customers out of them.

If you need an affordable marketing campaign, text marketing is definitely an ideal strategy. Services and software for mass text marketing are inexpensive and do not require hours of work to set them up. Once they are set up they will only require someone to write the messages once or twice a month, depending on how often you want to send them. It is easy enough you will not need to spend money on hiring someone to create the ads like you would need to for print advertisements.

Mass text marketing is less expensive and more effective than the traditional forms of marketing. It also requires minimal effort to set up and does not require hiring any extra employees. Considering these benefits, it is easy to see that it is an optimal solution for many businesses.



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