Is It Possible to Have A Bad Yelp Review Removed? Sometimes…

Reputation ManagmentA few weeks back we found Bad Yelp Review that one of our Reputation Management clients had received.

This bad review was appearing directly above my client’s entry in Google whenever a search for one of their keywords was performed. The Yelp entry clearly showed a One star review (The lowest Yelp Allows). Directly below this one star review was my clients listing.

How much business was lost due to this? We really have no idea.

Here’s the kicker though – not only was the claim false but that the reviewer was never even a customer of my client.

So we had a bad review that was almost definitely negatively impacting my clients business by scaring any Google searchers away.

We were able to have this negative review removed from Yelp. Here’s what we did:

First, we had previously claimed the business listing with Yelp (and we recommend that all business owners do this for their own listings as quickly as possible). Next, we logged into our Yelp account and found the review and “Flagged” It (There is a “flag” option for all reviews that belong to the company you’ve claimed).

Once we flagged the review, we entered the details of why we are flagging it. We told our side of the story, that we never had any business with the reviewer and that we had never even heard of them.

Once we completed the “Flag” process it took about four days for Yelp to review our claim and remove the errant review from our listing. It took a few more days for the review to work it’s way out of the Google index. Now, about a two weeks later, a “Google” of our client’s business shows that all traces of the bad (bogus) review are gone!

The lesson here is that ALL small business owners need to be aware of their online reputation and that (sometimes) there are avenues you can take to correct a bad review.