How to Claim Your Business Foursquare

How to Claim Your Business Foursquare

Times are certainly changing.  Today, there is more information available at the simple touch of a button than ever in history.  My telephone, well what used to be called a telephone, is now a mobile device, computer, media center, camera and gps system plus so much more.  It takes my breath away.  People use their cell phones for everything and one thing that is quickly gaining popularity is called location based social media.  An example of this is Foursquare, a free web-based marketing tool for business of all kinds and a consumer app aimed at mobile devices.  Let me explain how to claim your business Foursquare.


You may find that your business is already listed on Foursquare, likely posted by a customer. Over 100 million people view businesses on Foursquare.  You need to know how to claim your business Foursquare so you can make sure that the information listed is accurate and, as a registered business, you will also receive access to the free marketing tools at your disposal.


Once you know how to claim your business Foursquare, you  will be able to engage your customers with updates on your listing.  One might list special events such as a wine tasting and book signing at a bookstore, or  to announce a guest star at the dinner theater and even  to reward loyal customers or gain new ones.  It’s important to know how to claim your business Foursquare so you can take advantage of all of the tools available to you.  You can list promotions and discounts, you can have the “virtual” punch card and reward existing customers for having 10 shirts cleaned with two free.  You can update your listing any time for any reason.  Be creative and engaging.


In order to learn how to claim your business Foursquare, you’ll need to access the website.  Then you will be prompted to create a personal account.  Once you’ve got your account, simply search the site for your business.  As I said earlier, it may already be listed.  If so, you will see “Claim here” attached to the listing.  Click on “Claim here,” then proceed to the bottom right sidebar to “Do you manage this location?”  Answer “yes” and you’ve make a smart step toward marketing your brand or advertising your company with Foursquare.  That is how to claim your business Foursquare.


The benefits from claiming your business are numerous, another being the fact that your customers can access your listing to write reviews or to let their friends know where they are having dinner.  The power of suggestion is great and word of mouth is the oldest of marketing tools.  Today’s technology has allowed word of mouth to become digital and instantaneous. Plain and simple, if people are talking about your restaurant, chances are good they are online chatting about it too and with over 100 million users, they have probably been to your listing on Foursquare.


In today’s technological, information age, it’s important to keep your brand in front of people or someone steps up.  It is vitally important  to know how to claim your business Foursquare and take advantage of the free marketing and advertising tools.

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