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Everybody today “googles” everything.  If you have any questions at all, you can “google” to find the answer.  A dear friend of mine lives by the philosophy of life to never do anything that you wouldn’t want googled.  I’m pretty sure that’s close to a saying my grandmother used to say about Jesus…or something like that.  Anyway, “google” is actually not a verb but one of several search engines commonly used on the world wide web.  Bing is another but for the sake of this article, we will be talking about google local search marketing and how to maximize your company’s ranking in web searches.


First let me explain what happens when you “google” something.  When you start a search, generally using a keyword or key phrase, the search engine activates what is called a “crawler” or “spider” that begins looking through all of the links on the entire Internet to find links relevant to your search.  Once the crawler has found all the links, it then searches further into those links to find those keyword or phrases that are most important to your search.  The link with the most keywords and phrases becomes the highest site in what is called the rank factor.  That link is the most relevant to your inquiry therefore is placed at the top of the search results listing. Simple, right?  But how do you get your company to the top of the list? That’s what google local search marketing is all about.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO marketing companies are the latest and greatest in on line marketing trends and are quickly gaining popularity and demand for companies world-wide.   Google local search marketing through an SEO company is beneficial in that an SEO will not only work to get your business higher in the rank factors in searches but can also maintain much more of your on line marketing including keeping your website as topical and up to date as possible.  It makes no difference to be on the top of the search list, if your website looks like it came from a science fiction movie in 1976 and has nothing to offer your potential customers.


Your business website, along with your Facebook presence should be attractive and engaging for potential customers.  Make sure that all of your Facebook pages include the URL to your website and vise-versa.  Google local search marketing can help get folks to your sites but it’s up to you or your SEO company to make sure the site has the appeal to keep them there, or even inspire them to visit your shop or store.


Google local search marketing is important to the success of your on line marketing strategies, including your Facebook advertising and pages.  Once you’ve achieved higher ranking factors, the results be an increase in visits on your website and Facebook and odds are, ultimately, you will see an increase of foot traffic at your business.  Get in touch with a local SEO Marketing company and see what they can do to increase and maximize your on line strategies through google local search marketing.

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