Foodservice Restaurant Marketing

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With the right promotions, it is possible to maximize the earning potential of your restaurant. However, achieving this goal requires creativity in food service restaurant marketing. Creativity is needed to propel your marketing thrust due to the competitive nature of the food service industry, as well as the increasing demand by customers for a wider variety of menu options.


If you desire to grow your business, then there are specific marketing tactics that should be included in your restaurant marketing plan. If you want to earn more, you have to encourage existing customers to come to the restaurant more often, and also get new clients to come in. The marketing promotions must therefore be aimed at achieving this twofold objective.


Marketing to existing customers means not only getting them to dine in, but also getting them to spend more money when they do. The servers can encourage them to buy extra menu items. This is known as restaurant upselling. In addition, you can offer specials on items that customers don’t order frequently.


Customers can be asked if they would like to add things like side dishes, appetizers, drinks, or desserts to their order. This can turn out to be a very profitable marketing effort that does not require any additional spending on advertising, as the customer is already in the venue.


A successful foodservice restaurant campaign must also include the use of online tools like a website, as well social media and mobile marketing. It is important to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile use, as consumers are turning to their mobile devices to find local businesses, rather than driving around, or searching the print business directory.


When a website it mobile optimized, it means that it is able to load quickly, and it is also easy to navigate the site. The ability to load swiftly is critical, because consumers will have little patience with a website that takes too long to load. They will simply move on to another one that loads faster, and that may well turn out to be your competitor. A website that is not optimized for mobile use will therefore cause you to lose potential customers.


Repeat customers are also a very useful marketing resource, as they can help increase your visibility via online platforms like Facebook, and Twitter. These platforms represent a large pool that you can target for new customers. When you get existing customers to like and share postings on your Facebook page, more people will see you online. Similarly, when you have twitter postings that are relevant and credible, you can gain more followers, and this will also boost your online visibility.


Foodservice restaurant marketing should include a mix of online marketing techniques that can be used to pull in new clients. In addition, you would be well advised to focus on the clients that you already have, as they can prove very valuable, as you seek to increase sales and profits. Also, many traditional techniques still remain viable marketing options.

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