Facebook Targeted Advertising – Maximize Your Demographic

Facebook Targeted Advertising – Maximize Your Demographic             


Have you ever noticed that after you have purchased something through an on line service or retail store website, that the advertisements on your Facebook page change?  I bought sheets through a company very popular for on line shopping and now my Facebook has advertisements for not only the company from which I made the purchase but for websites that provide the same type of service or products.  That is smart marketing known as Facebook targeted advertising.


With 900 million users and nearly 500 million logins daily, Facebook is a prime place to advertise your business, but, do you really need to advertise in Turkey when your store is in Minnesota?  The answer is no, you don’t.  That’s what Facebook targeted advertising is all about.  If you don’t offer on line ordering, it does you no good to advertise outside of your regional demographic.


When you chose to take advantage of the opportunities in marketing by doing some Facebook targeted advertising, you are driving the ship.  Your ad will go to those Facebook users who fit the “target” you determine when setting up the ad.  You can use many different factors to narrow your advertising demographic or “target” to a group that will be the most likely to become patrons of your business.  You draw information from Facebook profiles, such as age, gender and location, from Facebook “likes” and “fans” and even specific groups of which Facebook friends are a member to form your Facebook targeted advertising demographic.


Once you’re determined the Facebook “friends” and “fans” who fit the demographic you have determined, then begin testing your ads on Facebook.  It is advised to use more than one image when testing your Facebook targeted advertising to see what might be more appealing to your particular targeted audience. Once advertisement may get 1,500 “likes” because the image used was cute little kitten lapping a saucer of cream while the second ad for the exact same things only got 300 “likes” due to the disturbing image of a decaying apple.  That might be extreme but you get the picture.  Follow the results of your testing through the Facebook ad manager to get the real lowdown on what is working and what is not.  Use your budget accordingly to make the most of your Facebook targeted advertising.


Facebook offers many ways to advertise your company to a very large group of people and through marketing research it was determined that a Facebook user who “likes” or becomes a “fan” on your fan page, is twice as likely to become a customer at your store than someone who does not.  Any business owner knows that th only way to become successful in this high tech, fast paced world is to be noticed by the most people possible and what better way to be noticed by millions than on the world’s largest social media site.  While Facebook targeted advertising may not be for all businesses, chances are that most businesses will benefit greatly from a strong and engaging Facebook presence.

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