Facebook Business 101 – Make the Most of FB

Facebook Business 101 – Make the Most of FB                               


If you are a business owner and are not taking advantage of the biggest social media site known to man, you probably don’t have indoor plumbing or a horseless carriage either.  Facebook has 900 million users and has nearly 500 million logins daily.  Do you really want to miss that much exposure?  I don’t think so.  Here’s a quick lesson in Facebook business 101.


Having a “page” on the mighty social hub of the world is just the beginning of Facebook business 101.  There are many ways to take advantage of the opportunity to be seen by millions of “friends.”  A friends page is a good start but it’s only the tip of the Facebook.


As a business owner, it is wise to take advantage of the free opportunities afforded you by Facebook.  In addition to the friends page for your business, also build what is called a “fan” page which is a different page entirely. Let me explain, to sell your product in your store, let’s say you’re a pet store owner, you have to come with a marketing plan to get customers into your store. With the implementation of a Facebook “fan” page, there are literally millions of potential customers waiting to see what you have. Facebook business 101 tells me that’s opportunity knocking!


On your company fan page, make any announcements, offer specials and develop a relationship with your Facebook “fans” that “like” your fan page.  Each and every “fan” you get is a potential customer to come to your pet store.  Remember, just as on your company friend page, the comments you post are seen by your potential customers so chose your words wisely.  We don’t need Facebook business 101 to know that, do we?  ON both your “friend” page and your “fan” page, make sure to link URL to your company website for easy access when a potential customer becomes an existing customer.


In addition to the free opportunities to market your business on Facebook, there is also a well-developed system of what is called “target” ads.  Although millions of users are on Facebook daily, your business may not apply to all those millions of people.  While designing your paid advertisement, you will determine the demographic you want to reach, based on information compiled by Facebook, information such as age, region of the world (country) and  interests, just to name a few.  Facebook business 101 teaches us that a Facebook “fan” of a company is twice as likely to become a customer than a person who is not.  As a business owner, you need to attract as many Facebook “friends” and “fans” as you can.


Imagine having nearly 500 million people shopping in your store daily.  OMG! You couldn’t even begin to help all of those people!  Through Facebook business 101 and maximizing your presence on the biggest social media site in the world your business has exposure to all of those people and more.  Facebook business 101 makes it clear that using Facebook for marketing your business is an opportunity one cannot pass up.

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