Effective Restaurant Marketing

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New Orleans: “La Divina” gelateria was one of the first business back open after Hurricane Gustav. Interior view with unusually large number of customers taking advantage of the wi-fi internet connection, as substantial parts of the city were still without electricity or cable internet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Competition is fierce in the restaurant industry, and restaurant owners are looking for creative and effective restaurant marketing ideas to keep their tables filled. If you want to get people to your restaurant then social media and mobile devices are two of the marketing tools you can use to do so.


If you want to grow your customer base quickly, then social media is one of the most effective restaurant marketing tools to use. Restaurant owners are realizing the need to become social media savvy, as the platforms offer unlimited airtime and ad space, which are key ingredients to a successful marketing campaign. Restaurateurs that are able to make a name in this digital space, are more competitive, and are able to pull in customers.


Facebook is a very effective tool to use to facilitate interaction between you and your clientele. When you have created a Facebook page, you can post events and menus, and customers can make reservations. In addition, you can post specials that are applicable only to your Facebook fans.


Twitter is another social media tool that can be used to interact with clients, as it offers real time customer feedback. You can host interactive contests as a means of increasing visibility and awareness. Customers can get a chance to enter by following you on Twitter.


With mobile marketing, you can use SMS messages to create an opt-in database of prospective customers. If you don’t know how to begin, then the first thing you need to do is to purchase a mobile keyword that will brand your restaurant. The keyword can be general, or it can be a version of the name of your restaurant. For best results, the keyword should be short, simple, and easy to remember.


Once you have a mobile keyword in place, you can go on from there to build an opt-in database. The keyword should then be used on your website, restaurant signage, receipts etc. all of your promotional tools. This will increase the visibility of your restaurant, and will accelerate your opt-in campaign. You can also build your database by creating attractive promotional offers. For example, you could send out coupons to customers, that they would only be able to redeem when they dine at the restaurant.


Be sure to engage the customers in your database by sending out regular, value added updates. Engaging customers offers the perfect opportunity to turn them into advocates for your brand. You can engage them by sending out regular text messages, which will help to make them regular subscribers.


Signing up with local mobile directories is another effective restaurant marketing tool. Customers are now finding it more convenient to search online for local businesses like restaurants, nightclubs, and bars. That makes it all the more important to be signed on with these directories, so that customers can find you easily.


Advertising via social media and mobile devices, are two of the most effective restaurant marketing tools that you can use to get more customers in the door.

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