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Regardless of the type of business you have, if you want to bring in customers, then you have to be able to get your marketing message across. Deli marketing is no different. It requires a powerful marketing program that is able to deliver more customers to your doors. This article takes a look at some of the marketing strategies that can be used to achieve this.


More often than not, persons are now turning to the internet to find deals for purchases of all types. So chances are there are going to be persons searching for local delis online, therefore social media is an important option in deli marketing. Social media can be used to emphasize your brand, and it also allows you to gain some insight into your customers’ expectations. Platforms like Facebook and twitter can be used to publish information about your deli, and gain greater visibility.


Email marketing is a proven and effective deli marketing method. If you want people to know what you do, then email marketing is a simple way to communicate with the people who need to know you. It is the ideal way to build relationships with present customers, and attract new ones over time.


If you don’t already have a database of customers, then you can encourage in-store patrons to submit their email address for a chance to win a prize or special offer. You can also capture emails online via your website, by targeting persons searching online for local delis. You can also offer them a reward for signing up to receive emails.


If you opt to use emails as one of your deli marketing ideas, then remember that it’s likely that your customers are already getting a number of emails each day. As a result, you want to make sure that the email you send has content of value to your audience, and is worthy of attention.


You can send out monthly emails in which you offer promotional specials. The emails should have attractive deals that customers can take advantage of. Offering coupon specials is an encouraging way to get customers to opt-in to email campaigns.


In addition to monthly emails, daily emails are also an option. By sending out emails in the morning, you are targeting the lunch crowd, and giving customers the information they need early, so that they can decide on a lunch menu. Customers will appreciate this as it’s much better than driving or walking around town for lunch specials. It is also nice way to keep your deli at the forefront of their minds, especially if you send out the email at the same time every day.


The growth of mobile devices has meant that people are able to pick up their email messages anywhere. For example a doctor can easily check his smartphone for the email about the lunch menu, in between seeing to his patients.


Whether your deli focuses on sandwiches, meats, cheese, or salads, it is possible to devise an effective deli marketing plan that will move your business forward.

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