Choosing an SMS Text Marketing Service

Choosing an SMS Text Marketing Service

So you have done your research and decided to enhance your marketing plan by using text marketing. You have even selected a few different services and have come to the point where you have to narrow your choices down. This is a large and important step when starting a campaign, so it should be handled with care and insight.  How do you know which SMS text marketing service is right for your business? By examining a few key features an educated decision can be made that will help your business grow.

The features this article will examine are the amount of texts you may send per month, how many keywords you are able to include, and extra services like easily accessible analytic records. These are generally considered the most important features, and so they should be researched intently. Most services will have at least these three in common, if not more. Each of these features should be carefully examined and considered along with the price and reliability of the service itself.

Possibly the largest factor to consider when choosing your SMS text marketing service is how many texts you may send out per month. This will limit how many clients you can reach and how many events you can advertise, as each message sent to each individual number is considered one text. It will likely be in your budget’s best interest to start small and increase the amount of texts you can send when you know more people will subscribe to them.

A keyword allows a subscriber to interact with your text campaign easily and quickly. They can be used to subscribe to the texts, to stop receiving them, to enter contests, and other various actions. Keywords keep a customer interested in your ads by allowing them to interact with the ads and in extension, your business.  Usually the least expensive SMS text marketing service plan will only allow for one keyword or none at all. Because keywords can keep a customer listening it is worth it to find a plan that will allow you to have more than one.

The ability to see which ads work best for your business is a wonderful and useful thing. It would allow you to make smarter marketing decisions as well as learn more about your clientele. For example, the records might indicate that the majority of clients who subscribe to your texts live in a certain area, allowing you to customize text offers further. A certain store location may be advertised only to those in a reasonable radius, or even special offers could be advertised to a single area.  An SMS text marketing service that keeps analytics records for you is a great benefit because while it advertises your business it also works to improve itself.

In conclusion, the decisions made while choosing an SMS text marketing service are important enough to warrant a few hours spent carefully comparing the features and prices of different services. Choosing the right service can benefit your company in many ways while choosing an overpriced service with few features is a costly mistake. By keeping in mind the features mentioned in this article finding the perfect service will be an easy task.

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