4 Ways To Absolutely Crush It With Text Marketing

SMS Text MarketingText marketing, also called Text Couponing is huge right now. Think of it, you probably have your smart phone near you 24/7 and as soon as you hear that familiar text alert, you scramble to pick up your phone to… Continue reading

The Legal Issues Of Text Marketing Every Restaurant Owner Should Be Aware Of.

SMS Marketing Legal IssuesIn October of 2013 the “Telephone Consumer Protection Act” (TCPA) was amended to include provisions specially related to SMS Text marketing. In this article we’ll go over some of the “best practices” that you should know about. It should be… Continue reading

Can Yelp Really Help You Get New Diners To Your Restaurant?

Yelp Managment

Yelp Managment

Love them or hate them, Yelp.com and the Yelpers who Yelp are shaping the way eaters eat! (Wow, say that three times fast!). The fact is, if  you’re not thinking about your Yelp reviews then you’re missing… Continue reading

Is It Possible to Have A Bad Yelp Review Removed? Sometimes…

Reputation ManagmentA few weeks back we found Bad Yelp Review that one of our Reputation Management clients had received.

This bad review was appearing directly above my client’s entry in Google whenever a search for one of their keywords was performed.… Continue reading

Four Tips For Using SMS Text Marketing

Here are some good tips for use when using SMS text marketing for your business.

Text Message Marketing | Business Tips in a Minute

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Who would have thought that text messaging, which was… Continue reading

Nightclub Promotions Marketing

Liveshow in the „Neighbours Nightclub“ in Seat...

Liveshow in the „Neighbours Nightclub“ in Seattle, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For a nightclub, doing promotions is all about increasing traffic, and getting more business in the door. If you want to gain more customers and increase customer loyalty, then… Continue reading

Deli Marketing

Italian deli in Rome

Italian deli in Rome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Regardless of the type of business you have, if you want to bring in customers, then you have to be able to get your marketing message across. Deli marketing is no different. It… Continue reading

Nightclub promotion ideas

People dancing at a nightclub ("clubbing&...

People dancing at a nightclub (“clubbing”). Or possibly dancing to live music (a band) at their local pub. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Club promotion isn’t something that will happen by itself. You have to have someone pulling the strings, implementing strategies,… Continue reading

Effective Restaurant Marketing

New Orleans: "La Divina" gelateria w...

New Orleans: “La Divina” gelateria was one of the first business back open after Hurricane Gustav. Interior view with unusually large number of customers taking advantage of the wi-fi internet connection, as substantial parts of the city were still without… Continue reading

Foodservice Restaurant Marketing

English: Subway logo and slogan taken from mar...

English: Subway logo and slogan taken from marketing materials found online in PDF format. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the right promotions, it is possible to maximize the earning potential of your restaurant. However, achieving this goal requires creativity in food… Continue reading