Advertising Pizza with Pizza Text Marketing

Advertising Pizza with Pizza Text Marketing

To be successful, a local pizza joint needs to be heard above the crowd of franchise pizza restaurants and for that to happen, the business needs an effective marketing strategy. Few marketing solutions cater to the needs of a small food business quite as well as text marketing. It is easy to use and offers a friendly way to communicate to customers. With pizza text marketing, a pizza restaurant can expect an increase in sales and a larger clientele.

Why text marketing?

Text marketing has been a proven winner in the race to bring in customers and increase sales. Marketing only works if a potential customer sees the ad and becomes interested. Most cell phone users view texts almost immediately. This means instant exposure for your business. When combined with various forms of traditional marketing, text marketing can be a virtually unstoppable force in the world of marketing.

How to get started with pizza text marketing

The first step to using pizza text marketing is to choose a service. There are many services available to the pizza restaurant owner, each with its own set of features and pricing schemes. The sheer variety of services available guarantees a match can be found for any restaurant. With that said, not all services are worth their cost and some may even be a detriment to your business if they are not easy for the customer to use. Cautiously examine the pros and cons of each service before deciding on one.

After you pick the service and set up the account, you must get the word out about your new text “club”. A small ad can be run in a newspaper or along the bottoms of receipts. Possibly the best way to guarantee subscriptions is to invite customers to sign up in exchange for a small coupon. Most text marketing services allow you to create keywords which a customer will send in to a certain number, signing them up to receive texts and giving them the coupon. An example of an ad for a text “club” might be:

Send the keyword FREESLICE to 5555 to receive a free slice of pizza during your next visit!

Once the customer sends the keyword in, they are automatically signed up to receive future pizza text marketing from your business. They will then be notified when your business is running a special deal or a new product is available, which will help bring them to your business after they have already used their coupon. Another advantage to offering a coupon is that a customer will tell their friends about a good deal, resulting in more people signing up to receive texts.

Pizza text marketing is a weapon that should be in every pizzeria’s arsenal. The relatively low cost to keep a text marketing campaign running successfully and the many different service options to choose from make finding one easy for any restaurant. It is great on its own and even better when combined with some form of traditional marketing. With all the competition in the pizza business, a perceptive marketing plan is essential for success and one that includes text marketing is better prepared to win customers.

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