A Question to Consider when You Decide to Do Text Marketing

A Question to Consider when You Decide to Do Text Marketing


When choosing to do text marketing, perhaps the most important question to ask yourself is “What do I want this campaign to achieve for my business?” It seems like a simple question but when you examine all of the possible answers to it, you realize how complicated it all can be. Fortunately, once you find your answer the next step is a breeze.


To bring in customers by advertising sales


If your biggest concern when starting a text marketing campaign is advertising sales and special deals, the biggest factor to consider when choosing a service is how many texts per month you are allowed to send. Texts are defined as a message sent to an individual number. You might have the same words in a message but if you send it to ten numbers it counts as ten texts. This will limit how many people you can send texts to as well as how many sales you may advertise per month.


In order to do text marketing to advertise sales successfully, you must not waste money on too many texts. If your business is just starting out it with text marketing it is probably wise to start with a lower number of texts per month. It will limit you, yes, but if you do not receive as many subscriptions as you thought you would then you will not have wasted money. However, if you have used it before and have a good feel for how many people will subscribe, order a plan accordingly.


To keep customers informed about new products


While it will always be important to consider how many texts you may send per month, if you want to do text marketing to keep customers informed you should focus on the ability to send MMS (multimedia messaging service) messages. If you use a service allowing MMS messages, you would be able to include pictures of the product which will help to sell it.


To collect feedback


To do text marketing to collect feedback, you will obviously need a service allowing you to collect it. Receiving feedback about your products is vital to the healthy growth of your business. Thankfully, text marketing can easily collect the opinions your customers provide.


The texts can conduct polls using keywords. Keywords are words that, in the case of polls, correspond to a set of answers that a customer will text to cast their vote. Text marketing texts can also send a link to the page on your website that has all of the contact information for more formal comments


In order to do text marketing well, you must carefully consider everything that you want the campaign to do for your business. Whether your business needs to stay in touch with potential customers or pitch new products to them careful consideration is a must. Text marketing is a greatly versatile marketing method with many different options and features. It is almost certain that text marketing will have an answer for the needs of every business.

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