4 Ways To Absolutely Crush It With Text Marketing

SMS Text MarketingText marketing, also called Text Couponing is huge right now. Think of it, you probably have your smart phone near you 24/7 and as soon as you hear that familiar text alert, you scramble to pick up your phone to see who it is. At that moment, you’re completely focused on the message you’re about to read.

Well with text marketing you can capitalize on that focus and send your customer’s an offer that will pull them right into your restaurant.  Right? Well, not always… Not all text marketing is created equal. There are definitely some techniques that are more effective then others. Here are some of the most effective tactics we’ve used.

First, the opt in, getting a customer to give you permission to text them is your first goal (and your legal responsibility as you’ll see in this post). Here’s how to do it:

1. A Small Bribe Goes A Long Way. People are sometimes reluctant to give out their text number, you need to sweeten the pot by offering them a bribe. One of my Pizzeria clients gives six free garlic knots just for the opt in. We have signage throughout his restaurant offering the knots and explaining exactly what the customer needs to do to get their freebie. The signage has both his text number and a QR Code that when scanned, automatically creates the text.

More importantly,  this particular client also makes sure to offer every single customer that enters his restaurant the texting option and the free garlic knots.  This client is consistently getting new opt-in’s every day.

2. Your List Is Special! The offers you text to your opt-in’s should be unique, consider your text list to be your “VIP” customers. As such, try to come up with innovative offers just for them. Don’t simply rehash your Pennysaver coupons, give these customers  a special offer that the non-VIP’ s don’t get. Oh and calling your offer a “VIP Special”  is also a good way to reinforce the fact that these customers are special.

3. Dollars off coupons usually work best!  Just like with paper coupons, a text coupon that offers an actual dollar amount off is usually more effective then one that simply shows the discounted price. People love to save money, so an offer like:

“Today Only $4-Off on a lg pizza”

Is probably going to be more effective then:

“Today Only get a Lg pizza for only $9.95”

even though value-wise, the two offers are the same, the ” $4-Off” makes the actual savings very clear to people.

4. A Little Goes A Long Way: While text marketing can be very effective, if you over-text you can quickly lose your list to “opt-outs”. We recommend texting only about one time per seven days (occasionally a second text within those seven days is okay but it’s not good to make a habit of it).

So there are four ideas to help you crush it with text marketing. Remember, that while Text Marketing can by very effective, it is only one tool in your marketing mix. Yes, you should be texting but it shouldn’t be the only way you market your restaurant.